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10 Cool Tech Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed

10 cool tech gadgets on white background

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The thing about therapists are either super tech savvy or you aren’t. You might have the best Google Meet and Zoom backgrounds and filters, or the challenge of logging into an online meeting is enough to ruin your entire day.

Which are you?

Either way, we thought it might be fun to round up some of our favorite tech gadgets that we can all use to make our life simpler, more luxurious or just more fun, whether we are at home or at work.

Check them out:

10 Cool Tech Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed


Fuji Instax Printer

cool tech gadget instax mini printer

Creating home exercise programs has never been easier! This must have gadget is a dream for any therapist and can be used for so many purposes.

Snap a picture of a kiddo practicing their skills, print it on this pocket size printer, and stick it to your daily note! DONE! Or, take quick pics of different parts of the daily routine to create an easy picture schedule!


Portable Power Bank

best tech gadgets power bank

Use this handy power bank to charge your phone, power up that air compressor to pump the flat therapy ball, or make your lunch (see our next recommendation).


Mini Crockpot Lunch Box

unique gadgets mini crockpot lunch warmer

THIS. IS. GENIUS! Pack up your chili, soup or oatmeal the night before in the removable storage container and store it in the fridge.

The next day, pull it out, pop it in the mini crock and a hot lunch is ready wherever you are!


Smart Sleep Wakeup Light

light up alarm clock gadget

This fun gadget simulates a sunrise and a sunset to help you wind up for your day or wind down at night. It features 20 brightness levels and 5 soothing sounds.


Logitech PopKeys Wireless Keyboard

high tech gadget wireless keyboard with emojis

Yes, this sweet, colorful, portable and wireless keyboard has emojis right there for easy access!

What more can we say? 🙂


Theragun Mini

mini massage gun

This on-the-go massage gun is the ideal way to relax and comes with a travel pouch for easy portability.

One of the best cool tech gifts we can think of - whether it's for a loved one or yourself!


Hyperice Venom Go

unique gadget for sore muscles hyperice

Another unique gadget that will make you feel amazing! This little gem, with 9 combinations of heat and vibration, will soothe any sore muscle or general aches and pains.

You deserve it!


Ember Smart Mug

smart mug warmer high tech gadget

Keep that morning coffee warm for hours with this useful piece of tech. No more microwave!

The copper version is SO pretty and will give you mule vibes to get you through your day! The best tech gadget for any coffee lover!


PopSocket Phone Mount

pumpkin spice syrup

Take those extra 5 minutes in your car and listen to a quick meditation. Or, Facetime your favorite friend - hands free - with this cute mount that perfectly accommodates your pop socket!


Jolie Filtered Shower Head

shower head tech gadget

We have friends that swear by this for radiant skin and hair.

Give the gift of self-love with this unique gadget!


If you liked these fun gadgets and cool tech gifts, check out these cute desk accessories to pretty up your workspace!

cool tech gadgets on white background

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