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Car Organization Accessories for Therapists

cute zipper bags for therapists

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Buckle up therapists, in today's post, we're on a mission to reclaim the chaos in your backseat with some awesome car organization accessories.

Let's face it, your vehicle isn't just a mode of transportation; it's practically a mobile therapy center. Between appointments, meetings, and worksite visits, you're always on the go - and you haul a ton of toys, games, and activities with you.

It's time to conquer the clutter in your vehicle and turn it into a well-oiled, organized therapy machine. We've got your back (or should we say...your trunk?) with an array of car organization accessories that are perfect for busy therapists.

So hop in and join us on a car organization journey that will keep you organized and on time for your appointments with a trunk that's tidier than ever!

Car Organization Accessories for Therapists


Top Selling Trunk Organizer

amazon car organizer for trunk

This sturdy car storage accessory will get your trunk in order in no time.

It's one of the top selling products we recommend at The Off Duty Therapist and gets amazing reviews


Garbage Collector

cool car accessories garbage can

If you're like us, you're always having coffee and snacks in your car as you race from building to building.

Keep those protein bar wrappers and coffee cups in check with this compact garbage can for your car!


Handy Hooks

purse hook for car

Get your therapy bag out of the way with these handy hooks that attach to the back of your headrest.


Tissues @ Your Fingertips

amazon car accessories for tissues or wipes

We love this convenient dispenser for tissues that hooks to your sun visor. Replace the tissues with a travel pack of sanitizing wipes and you'll be able to wipe down toys (and your hands) on the go!


Purse Protector

amazon purse hook for car

Another great option for keeping your purse or therapy bag out of the way when you're on the run!

We love how convenient this one is - quickly grab items from your bag without having to reach into the backseat!


The Cutest Compartments

cool car accessories car organizer

Place this cute car organizer on your front seat and you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

From your water bottle to your wallet, this cool car accessory will keep the chaos in check - a must-have!


Space Maximizer

car organizer

How cool is this awesome car storage option?

This one uses the dead space on the side of your passenger seat to store your phone, pens, chargers, and more!


Clutter Catcher

car storage accessories front seat net

This cool car storage accessory is one of our favorites.

It's the perfect quick catch-all for when you're racing from one destination to the next and need a place to throw your gear!


Magnetic Mount

magnetic mobile phone mount

These magnetic phone mounts will hold your phone steady when you need to use it for maps/directions on the go!


Soothing Smells

car oil diffuser air freshener

Ok, these have nothing to do with car organization, but how pretty are these little diffusers?

Tip them every so often to release the scent and keep your car smelling great!

From CozyVibeCandleStudio


Mobile Work Station

car accessories work station

Writing evaluations and IEPs on the go? This mobile desk hooks to your steering wheel so you have a convenient spot for your laptop and paperwork. Also works as a lunch table!


Key Keeper

handmade keychains

We're in love with these beautiful keychains! A perfectly stylish way of keeping track of your keyring.

From Lillybirdcrochet


Wireless Charger & Phone Mount

wireless phone charger mount

If your battery is always low, this car accessory is a great way to charge it quickly while you're on the go.


Now that you've got your car all decked out, it's time to pretty up your desk! Check out these cute desk accessories!

car organization accessories

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