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Cute Desk Accessories to Pretty Up Your Workspace

Updated: Aug 29

White background with a variety of cute desk accessories displayed

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Let's face it, our jobs aren't the most glamorous. Whether you're wiping noses, up to your elbows in a sensory bin, or lugging therapy equipment around a school building - it often feels like we're the Cinderella of the workplace, the unsung hero of the school, or the forgotten soldier of the clinic.

A bit dramatic? Maybe.

But we think that, when you're done getting your hands dirty for the day, you deserve to come back to a desk that's fit for a queen. Today, we're sharing our favorite cute desk accessories that will help you create the office of your dreams!

Cute Desk Accessories to Pretty Up Your Workspace


Dry Erase Weekly Planner

Solar Buddies Amazon Summer Find

A therapy schedule is no joke. It takes a lot to get all of those sessions organized and on the calendar. We love digital options for managing schedules, but sometimes it helps to have a visual hard copy to see it all in one place.


Geometric Glass Planter

Cerave Amazon Summer Find

Elevate your workspace to royal status with these beauties.

You'll love having a little greenery in your office - and it's the best kind...the kind you can't kill.


Desktop Organizer

Quick Dry Beach Towel Amazon Summer Find

Tame your office chaos like a boss with this sleek white organizer. Wrangle your pens, pencils, and other random office stuff in one stylish command center.

Ruling your workspace has never looked this good.


Computer Stand

Beach Tote Amazon Summer Find

Sick of slouching? This clear, acrylic stand is perfect for propping your laptop or monitor.

It's pretty and streamlined and will be your secret weapon against hunching and slumping as you hammer out your billing and documentation.


Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Clear Zip Pouches

Amp up your workspace with this awesome Amazon find. This wireless keyboard and mouse set has an old timey feel with a modern twist.

Those IEPs and evals won't write themselves, and this cute keyboard is just the motivation you need to get started.


Tape Dispenser & Stapler

Linen pants Amazon summer find

Dominate your desk with these clear acrylic beauties.

Every office needs these essentials, so why not make them pretty?


Stackable Organizer

Summersalt swim suit Amazon summer find

Store your paperclips, pushpins, and other small items in style with these cute stackable containers.

Or, if you're an OT, these are perfect for storing manipulatives for your favorite fine motor activities!


Desktop Diffuser

Hair clips

If you're an OT or mental health counselor, you already know that the olfactory system can be a powerhouse when it comes to calming chaotic behavior or keeping you and your kids awake and alert. This desktop diffuser is more than just pretty, it will fill the room with whatever calming or alerting scent you choose!


Acrylic Pen Holders

Notice a theme? Yep, we're into the simplicity of clear acrylic office accessories.

If you're a therapist, you know a good pen when you see one (and you're not above stealing a nice one if the opportunity presents itself). Here's where you can keep your stash.


Acrylic Dry Erase Memo Board

Is your memory not what it used to be? You need a central place to write down all of those to-dos.

This pretty board is great for scribbling down quick notes throughout the day!


Sticky Notes

When your memo board is full or if you're on the go, you'll be glad to have these cute sticky notes on hand.

They're great for staying organized, but sticky notes can also be used for some fun and creative crafts for kids!


Collapsible Laptop Charger Organizer

This ingenious little gadget will tame the tangled mess inside your work bag.

Stick it on the side of your laptop charger and you'll finally have a safe place to wrap the cord and keep it under control. When you're not using it, you can simply push it down and it collapses!


Sleek Socket

Now that you have your portable charger cords taken care of, it's time to tackle the tangle of cords behind your desk and on the floor of your office.

With this awesome little device, you can tuck all of those unsightly wires away under a piece of furniture using the power strip. The visible part is flush to the wall for a sleek, streamlined look!


Wireless Mousepad & Charger

Looking for a cute (and functional) home for your wireless mouse? This mousepad does double duty, charging your phone while you're typing up those reports. Genius!


Label Maker

This one will appeal to all of you super organized Type A therapists out there.

If you like to have a designated space for each of your supplies, you'll love having a quick and easy way to print labels for all of those bins and boxes.


File Folders

Most paperwork is online these days, but you need somewhere to store those few unavoidable hard copies.

These pretty folders are the perfect organization option!


Gel Pens

We all know that therapists are renowned pen thieves. As soon as your co-worker's pretty gel pen comes around the table during an IEP meeting, it's fair game.

Since it's always good to have your own backup collection, this set is a great option.

Once you get your desk prettied up, why not add a cute water bottle into the mix? Check out this collection of the best travel water bottles for therapists!

White background with a variety of cute desk accessories displayed

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