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Cute Lanyards for Therapists

White background with cute lanyards for keys and work ID badge

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Wearing that ID badge around your neck isn’t exactly ideal when you're working with kids. Kids gravitate toward it constantly -- pulling on it, chewing it, fidgeting with it. OR it gets caught on things as you make your way through your day (aka getting strangled during your obstacle course).

But, since it's a necessary evil, at least adding a cute lanyard into the mix is an opportunity to elevate your accessories!

Check out these cute lanyard finds from Etsy and Amazon!

Cute Lanyards for Therapists


Personalized With a Pop of Color

Solar Buddies Amazon Summer Find

100% customizable in color and personalization (think name, quote, or picture), this one is SUPER CUTE!

The plastic safety breakaway clasp keeps it safe for when those grabby little hands (or mouths) try to take charge! *From JessMarieDesignsShop


Fun with Beads

Cerave Amazon Summer Find

Dainty yet bright this lanyard would bring a fun pop of color to any outfit!

This cute lanyard can also be customized with a name or your title.

*From Anitas Accessorios


Beachy Neutral

Quick Dry Beach Towel Amazon Summer Find

For those that prefer their lanyard to take a backseat to their outfit, this one is perfect.

It also offers the option for personalization and it has a breakaway clasp!

*From MadeByMaya


Fidget Friendly

Beach Tote Amazon Summer Find

This lanyard has a badge reel that is perfect fidget to keep you awake during those long, drawn out meetings.

*From 13DragonflyDesigns


Leather Love

Sleek and sophisticated is the only way to describe this slim and stylish lanyard.

*From SereniiKey


Pretty Pastels

Clip your keys, ID badge, and any of your favorite laminated visual schedules and visual cues to this durable lanyard and you'll be good to go.

We love the pretty colors on this one, but it comes in tons of other prints and designs!


The Wristlet

Clear Zip Pouches

This is a great option for therapists and comes in lots of cute colors and prints.

If you don't need to wear your ID around your neck, this little wristlet lets you put it down and out of your way to avoid the obstacle course strangulation we referred to above.


Extra Storage

Linen pants Amazon summer find

If you're looking for a cute lanyard that stores more than just your ID badge - this is it!

This set comes in a ton of cute prints and includes a wristlet option, a lanyard that can be used on its own, and a detachable wallet.


Terrific Tassels

Summersalt swim suit Amazon summer find

Love the bright-colored beads and the little multicolored tassels on this one make this one of our favorite lanyards for therapists!


Now that you have the cutest lanyard, it's time for a refresh of your office walls! Check out these playful therapy posters to spice up your workspace!

White background with cute lanyards for keys and work ID badge

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