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Cute Lunch Bags for On-the-Go Therapists

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Ok, so we know that as a therapist, it's unlikely that you get an actual lunch break like normal people. Lunch for you probably involves wolfing down a protein bar as you speed down the hallway between treatment sessions or gobbling up a salad as you drive from one building to another during your work day.

While we may not be able to fix your lacking lunchtime, we can ensure that you pack some snacks in style with these cute lunch bags. It's time to replace that old stained lunch bag that you've been lugging around for years!

Check out some of our favorites:

Cute Lunch Bags for On-the-Go Therapists


Colorful & Classy

womens cute lunch bag

We love this pretty lunch bag!

The perfect motivation to pack yourself some healthy, energy-boosting snacks and lunches!


Cute & Sassy

cute work lunch bag floral print

The floral print on this cute lunch tote puts us in the best mood and we love the cotton canvas fabric too!


Tied Up With a Bow

cute lunch sack for women

Such a beautiful design on this cute lunch sack! If you're looking for a handmade, one-of-a-kind option - this is the lunch box for you!

From StacyKitchenDecor


Corduroy Cutie

cute small lunch bag corduroy

Yet another adorable handmade option! These cute small lunch bags come in several colors and have the sweetest design, including a button closure at the top.

From MaxandStellaNY


Geometric Gem

cute cheap lunch bag

If you're looking for cute cheap lunch bags, we've got you covered! This one comes in tons of cute prints and gets great reviews!


Simple & Sturdy

cute lunch sack

The sleek, streamlined design of this cute lunch box will hold up to any wear and tear that comes its way. This one is also super affordable and comes in lots of fun colors and prints.


Tie Dye Treasure

tie dye lunch bag for women

This pretty lunch bag includes two matching containers - perfect for storing last night's leftovers for an on-the-go lunch!


Pleasant Polka Dots

womens cute lunch bag

Kate Spade has lots of cute lunch bags for women, including this fun design! The insulated interior will keep food cold all day and there are lots of other color and pattern options too!


Fun Floral Find

cute lunch tote floral print

This one might just be our favorite cute lunch tote on the market. This would make such a great gift for your favorite therapist or teacher friend!

From CreativeLifeNY


Low Profile Lunch Sack

pretty womens lunch bag

These small cute lunch boxes have such a great design with a smaller, low-profile handle. And we can't get over how fun the prints and patterns are!

From CreativeLifeNY


Striped & Stylish

cute lunch bag for women

Another sleek, smooth design with a professional look. This cute lunch bag will be the perfect replacement to that old one you've been using for too long!


Two For One!

two small lunch sacks for women

This is definitely the most cost effective option in the bunch! The price on this cute lunch bag is so low, you won't believe that you actually get TWO for the price of one!


Retro Vibes

polka dot womens lunch bag

Last, but not least, this cute lunchbag has some retro vibes that we're loving. Tons of cute colors and prints and the price is right!


Monogrammed & Marvelous

monogrammed women's lunch bag

We love the look of this sleek monogrammed lunch bag. The black color is classic and will hide stains and spills!

If you liked these fun gadgets and cool tech gifts, check out these cute desk accessories to pretty up your workspace!

cute lunch bags for women

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