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Playful Therapy Posters to Spruce Up Your Room

Updated: Sep 26

White background with colorful therapy posters for decorating therapy office

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Decorating a therapy office? This post is your how-to guide to create the happiest, most colorful therapy room in the history of the world with some of the cutest therapy posters ever.

As if kids aren't already begging to come and see you every time you walk down the hallway with that familiar chorus of "Take me! Take me! Can I come too?"

With these fun, bold prints and downloads, your office will become an even more famous spot in your clinic or school building.

Playful Therapy Posters to Spruce Up Your Your Room


Let's Play Canvas

Solar Buddies Amazon Summer Find

It's the one thing that all therapists have in common...a love of a play!

We love this pretty, neutral canvas print. Perfect for your office, therapy room, or playroom!


Welcome Canvas Banner

Cerave Amazon Summer Find

Customize this adorable little banner with your favorite colored pompoms and your name, and it will make any room feel like home...

Even if your therapy room is actually a broom closet, copy room, corner of a hallway, or storage closet.


It's Okay To... Poster

Quick Dry Beach Towel Amazon Summer Find

Make sure your kiddos feel loved and supported during your sessions with these motivating reminders!

The neutral colors will go with anything, including these cute desk accessories.


It's Okay to Feel Poster

Beach Tote Amazon Summer Find

All feelings are okay! And sometimes kids (and adults) need permission to let those emotions out!

Just remember, it's okay to feel: confused when you're trying to get your therapy schedule together for the year, worried that you'll never finish your documentation AND proud when you plan the perfect therapy activity.


We All Grow at Different Rates Poster

If you're a plant lady, this is the perfect poster for you! And it's a great message for our kiddos too!

This would look so cute in an office with lots of greenery around!


Safe Space Wall Hanging

Another cute wall hanging to add to your therapy room decor with a much needed message.

If you're looking to create a vibe of acceptance and reassurance in your therapy room, classroom, or office - this one is for you!


We Can Do Hard Things Poster

Clear Zip Pouches

One of the best parts of being a therapist is that we get a front row seat to our kids' and clients' greatest accomplishments!

Whether it's taking their first steps, learning how to communicate, or figuring out how to cut with scissors - we're their biggest cheerleaders and this sign will let them know!


Progress Over Perfection Poster

Linen pants Amazon summer find

The perfect message for our kids...and for all of you Type A perfectionist therapists out there.

We can't do it all, and this poster is a great reminder to go easy on ourselves!


You Are Doing Great Digital Download

Summersalt swim suit Amazon summer find

A cute, simple print with a sweet, simple message.

We love the colors and font AND the encouragement!

*From ArtPrintsFactory


I'm So Happy You're Here Digital Download

Hair clips

This fun download is perfect for any therapy room or classroom.

Downloadable posters paired with these cute magnetic poster hangers are a pretty and cheap way to decorate!

*From ModPrintCo


You Can Do It Digital Download

More good motivation here! We love the bold and colorful look of this download.

And you can adjust the digital images to multiple different sizes to fit your decor!

*From BeguimaStudio


Make Today Amazing Digital Download

How fun is this sunny little print?

If you need a little spark to get your busy day off to a positive start...this is it!

*From AtlanticDreamsCo


Mistakes Are Proof You're Trying Digital Download

Encouraging kids to make mistakes might sound counterintuitive...but we therapists know that a good therapy session is full of trial and error!

Such a cute download!

*From LarkPrintables


It's a Good Day to Have a Good Day Digital Download

Another option that would look good with a magnetic poster hanger!

We love the pretty mustard color of this one!

*From KsanaKalpa


Yes You Can Poster

And last but not least...this colorful cutie! Can you put this pretty little poster in your cart right now? Yes you can.

*From TheLittleWagon


Now that your walls are all decorated, it's time to get organized! Check out these cute desk accessories to pretty up your workspace!

White background with colorful therapy posters for decorating therapy office

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