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Sleep Solutions for a Good Night's Rest

Updated: Oct 17

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Struggling to find sleep solutions that will help you fall asleep and stay asleep through the night? You're not alone!

Whether it's because of stress, a snoring spouse, hormones, or too much caffeine - most of us struggle with sleep at one time or another as adults. During the week, we're dragging ourselves out of bed for work in the morning and then fighting to keep our eyes open on the way home during the afternoon commute.

On the weekends, we jealously watch our teenagers sleep the day away while we're lucky if we get a few good hours - waking up for the day when it's still dark outside!

We've been struggling with sleep long enough to have a whole collection of must-have sleep solutions up our sleeve. Here are some of our favorites!

Sleep Solutions for a Good Night's Rest


Personalized Pillow

sleep solutions coop pillow

First and foremost, you need a good pillow. This is the first ingredient for a good night's sleep and at the top of our list of sleep solutions.

The Coop pillow is our favorite because you can add or remove stuffing based on your preference!


Satin Pillow Covers

satin pillow case for a good night sleep

Prevent wrinkles and broken/frizzy hair with a smooth, satin pillow case.

If we're only getting a few hours of sleep, at least we can still try to look our best when we wake up!


Spray On Sleep Help

pillow spray sleep help

Wondering how to improve sleep with a simple solution? Try this Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.

This aromatherapy product is designed to help you relax and rest.


Supreme Sunrise Wakeup

healthy sleep solutions alarm clock

This all-in-one alarm clock is a great addition to our list of healthy sleep solutions. Get started with a better sleep routine, wake up with a calming light (instead of that annoying buzzing alarm), and take advantage of the library of white noise and nature sounds to help you fall asleep naturally.


Cozy Robe

cozy robe for a good night sleep

This soft, cozy robe is the perfect addition to your nighttime routine. Make it a ritual to throw on this beauty in the evenings and you'll be ready to snooze in no time!


The Sounds of Silence

noise cancelling headphones sleep solution

If you're anything like us, even the slightest sound can disrupt an entire night of sleep.

Pop these noise cancelling headphones into your ears and you'll be on your way to a good nights sleep in no time. These are one of our favorite sleep solutions.


Satin Hair Saver

sleeping hair bonnet women

We love this cute satin bonnet. Another great way to prevent hair breakage and frizziness while you sleep!


The Best Blanket

blanket to improve sleep

The perfect flannel fleece throw blanket to cuddle up in.

Lots of cute colors and SUPER soft.


Sleepy Smells

healthy sleep solution essential oil diffuser

This diffuser is another great healthy sleep solution. Add a few drops of your favorite relaxing scent and enjoy a restful snooze!


Comfy Pajamas

comfortable pajamas for a good night sleep

You can't get a good night of sleep without proper pajamas!

These come in tons of different colors and are the perfect combination of soft and slouchy!


Relief for Tired Eyes

Sleep help sleep mask

Pop this sleep mask in the microwave for a warm, soothing eye treatment at bedtime OR throw it in the freezer to soothe puffy eyes. This is also a must-have if you suffer from migraines!


Best Sleep Ever

best sleep ever essential oil

Add a few drops of this essential oil blend to your diffuser and you can kiss those sleepless nights goodbye!


Soothing Sounds

improve sleep sound machine white noise

White noise can make all the difference when it comes to improving sleep. We love having a soothing backdrop at nighttime, whether we're at home or traveling. This white noise machine is the perfect portable option.


Relaxing Mask Massager

soothing mask massager

This mask massager is perfect for relaxing the muscles in your eyes, face, and forehead before bed!

It also includes a heating element for some soothing warmth!


Magnificent Mattress Topper

mattress topper sleep solution

Maximize the comfort of your bed with a gel-infused mattress topper! This sleep solution will contour to the shape of your body and helps regulate the temperature of your bed, distributing heat evenly.


Heavenly Sheets

white bed sheets

And last, but not least...sheets matter when it comes to getting a better night sleep.

This set is a great find for a great price and comes in lots of colors and patterns.


Looking for more ways to get some rest and relaxation? Check out these Spa Day Essentials - prefect for an at-home spa day!

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