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Spa Day Essentials

Images of spa day essentials shown on a white background

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After a long day at work, these spa day essentials are just what you need to relax!

There is nothing better than having something to look forward to on your day off. It might be sleeping in, getting your nails done, or doing some self-care at home.

The best way to make sure that self-care actually happens? Schedule that time right in your calendar so that you can see it blocked off and use it as a motivator to get the work done and enjoy the reward at the end.

The best part is that you can enjoy most of these products every single day - like a little spa day at home!

Spa Day Essentials


Renpho Eye Massager

eye massager for at home spa day

This one isn’t just for a dedicated spa day! You can use it every night just before bed to take away all of the stress and melt into your pillow.

This will be a favorite and something that you might want to put at the top of your gift giving list for the holidays!


Shower Steamers

body restore shower steamers

These smell amazing and turn your shower into a relaxing getaway!

We love the Eucalyptus and Mint when we are feeling a bit under the weather!


Headband and Wristband Set

gray wristbands and headbands for at home spa

This is one of those “essentials” that I never knew I needed until I received them as a gift.

This headband and wristband set will keep all of the water and soap from running down your arms and into your hair. Genius!


Towel Wrap

gray towel wrap for an at home spa day

Save yourself the frustration of trying to keep that towel tucked just right so that it stays up with this adjustable option.

Doesn’t it just remind you of the spa?


Elemis Cleansing Balm

elemis cleansing balm for at home spa

This 3-in-1 cleansing treatment nourishes as a balm, removes makeup as an oil and hydrates. Its unique blend of essential oils invigorates the senses, leaving skin feeling deeply cleansed, soothed, and supremely soft.

In other words, it’s Sp-ahhhhh!


Claw Clips

brown and beige plastic claw clips

Keep your hair up and away as you treat yourself to bubbles and masks.

This pack of claw clips are the perfect neutrals to work even when your not off-duty!


LED Face Mask

spa essentials face masks

This trend is crazy and the results seem to be as well! Grab yourself the Project Beauty LED Face Mask to enhance collagen production, reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone and brightness, and so much more!


Gel Nail Kit

at home spa gel nails kit

Get that salon look at home with this highly rated kit that includes 6 colors of gel polish, base/top coats and the light to make your nails beautiful!


Cozy Slippers

beige furry slippers

These cute, open-toe, fluffy slippers with a memory foam base with a non-slip sole are the ultimate in comfort!


Silk Sleep Mask

silk sleep mask

At the end of your spa day, the icing on the cake is a good night’s sleep. This silk mask welcomes your to the deep sleep club.

It’s multi-award winning design blocks 100% of light with its cloud-like padding that is comfortable and stays put in all sleep positions.


Now that your spa day is complete, it's time to get dressed! Check out these Cute Fall Shirts to Keep you Cozy!

Images of spa day essentials shown on a white background

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