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The Best Movie Night Accessories

Image of cute Halloween accessories for therapists on a white background

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Welcome to the ultimate staycation – at home movie night! Picture this: comfy couches, buttery popcorn, and your favorite movies on demand. Today, we're exploring the art of turning your living room into a blockbuster haven, complete with all of the best movie night accessories.

Let's face it, as much as we love the big screen, sometimes we just want to kick back in our PJs and let the movies come to us. Taking charge of your film lineup and being able to press pause for snack breaks is the only way to go.

We're not just talking about watching movies here. We're talking about creating an experience. And today, we're here to show you all of the movie night accessories you need to make the ultimate cozy movie night at home. So, grab your popcorn, fluff up those cushions, and create an at-home movie experience that'll make you wonder why you ever ventured out to the theater in the first place. Lights, camera, action!

Movie Night Accessories


At Home Movie Night Essential

movie night pajamas

The basis for any proper diy movie night at home...comfy pajamas!

This pair is cute, soft, and perfect for snuggling up with your favorite snacks and movies!


Comfy Seating Options

movie night accessories floor pillows

These floor pillows are ideal for a cozy movie night at home.

Lie on them, sit on them, lounge on them, and then stack them up when you're done. We love the range of colors they come in!


Snack Service

movie night accessories snack serving tray

Salty snacks or sweet treats? This cute serving tray lets you present them all at once!


Cozy Cover

physical therapist halloween accessory tee

What's movie night without a cozy blanket? We're in love with these warm knit throws from ForeverHomesBoutique.


Your Favorite Warm Drink

handmade mugs set movie night accessories

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or a hot toddy - whichever one you choose, these beautiful mugs from camillascollectioncos will make it a treat!


Project Like a Pro

movie night accessories projector

Make your diy movie night at home even more special by projecting your picture onto a big screen!

Or, turn it into a backyard outdoor movie night by setting up your projector and screen outside.


The Screen You Need

diy movie night projector screen

Complete your pro projector setup with an awesome big screen that will perfect your movie viewing experience!

Another great option to add to your DIY backyard movie night ideas!


Warm Toes

movie night accessories slippers

You have your comfy pajamas...but what about your movie night footwear?

These cozy beauties from MoNeillsTreasures are the perfect addition to any movie viewing session.


Snack (and Drink) in Style

movie night accessories serving tray

Another pretty option for displaying and serving snacks and drinks!

This beautiful design from ROSTMARYGIFT is great for a date where you're serving snacks and drinks for two!


Lounge in Comfort

halloween accessories earrings

We love Yogibo products for our kids at work (amazing for providing calming deep pressure input!).

Why let kids have all the fun? Grab one of these for your living room floor to up the comfort factor on your next movie night!


Get Glowy

life in lilac candle

Add to your movie night ambiance with a candle that smells ahhhh-mazing.


Scratch & See

movie accessories scratch off poster

This fun poster from WadeloWantDesireLove is an awesome gift for a movie buff and a great addition to your at home movie night set up!

Scratch off each square to document your movie viewing adventures!


Popcorn Party

personalized popcorn serving set

You can't have movie night without the popcorn!

Check out this adorable personalized popcorn serving set from HalanaGifts


Make it Gourmet

movie night popcorn set

Now that you have all of your snack serving accessories, it's time to fill them up with the finest snacks!

This popcorn set comes with three different types of popcorn and five spices to add - something for everyone!


Spice Things Up

popcorn spice set

Variety is the spice of life! Add these fun popcorn spices into the mix and get a little adventurous with your movie night snacks!


Perfectly Popped

popcorn maker movie night accessory

If you're having movie night with kiddos, this popcorn maker will be the hit of the show.

You'll have to hit pause so everyone can watch as the bowl fills up with popped kernels!


Document the Details!

nightmare before christmas halloween accessory socks

This cute movie logbook from ArtfulPIxels is such a fun way to keep track of your movie night memories!

Kids and grownups will love documenting the details of all of your favorite films!


Why not pair movie night with spa night? These spa day essentials will be the perfect upgrade to your movie viewing experience!

Image of movie night accessories on white background

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